Benefits Of Taking Classes With NMB University

Choosing The Right Bowen Therapy Massage Training Program

Choosing where to take Bowen therapy and massage training for your career is very important and it’s easy to get lost in how to navigate the programs offered. Most programs take several years to complete, require a lot of travel, and cost several thousands of dollars. Some programs take up to 7 years to complete and are bloated with modules and massive amounts of instruction hours.

Enter National Massage and Bodywork University – where we know it can be complicated and confusion so we made it simple. We set ourselves apart in the industry by providing superior training at an affordable price. Our classes are streamlined and packed full of valuable information from both the instructors and the course material. Everything in this program has been specifically designed to bring you the most value to your career as quickly as possible. Don’t get bogged down in courses that take several years to complete. You can learn and become a Bowen Therapist (BT) and a Certified Bowen Therapist (CBT) more quickly with NMB University, than other programs.

Each of our courses are focused over a three day period that contains lecture, demonstration, observation, hands-on practice, critique, review of material, assessment, and reassessment. This approach helps students receive valuable content in a methodic and detailed fashion. Question and answer periods are offered throughout the learning process and creates a collaborative atmosphere.

7 Reasons Why People Choose NMB University Over Our Competition

  1. We offer programs over a three day period.
  2. We are accredited and offer continuing education credit hours.
  3. Massage therapists look to extend their ability to work as a therapist and expand use of proper body mechanics and learn new tools/skills/modalities.
  4. People/Students lead busy lives and want to take courses that are simple, quick and affordable.
  5. Practitioners want to be able to add more value to their existing clientele.
  6. Laypeople often want to take one class of Bowen therapy to experience it and maybe help a friend and/or family member who may benefit from receiving the therapy?
  7. People/students decide they want to start taking courses with NMB University, even though they may already have a relationship with another program/school, because our process is comprehensive, streamlined, and focused.

What Does This Mean For You As A Student?

  • We do not have any specified mandatory wait periods in between courses.
  • We do not require seven (7) or nine (9) modules for you to become a basic Bowen therapist.
  • We do not mandate you complete a lengthy and expensive 374 hour and/or 500 hours of training programs.

Convenient Locations Across The United States

We offer Bowen therapy classes at various locations throughout the United States.  Class venues are carefully and methodically selected in an effort to make classes easier to get to, thereby making them more accessible and affordable for students. These class not only help you as a student learn valuable skills for your career but they help spread the word of Bowen massage, and share the powerful benefits of this remarkable therapy with others.

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