Bowtech vs. NMB University

Bowtech’s program (United States: American Bowen Academy) offers you: The seven modules of Basic Training; Specialized Bowen Procedures 1 (Advanced); and Specialized Bowen Procedures 2 (Masters) courses.  That is a whopping nine modules stretched over a long period of time before you can become a basic Bowen therapist.  In addition, with Bowtech, two additional specialized programs are needed (required) to become an accredited basic Bowen therapist.  Keep in mind, for each module, you must travel to and from each class, which takes you away from your practice (loss of valuable time) and potential loss of earned income.

However, if you want a lengthier and more expensive route you could choose Bowtech’s certified program (United States: American Bowen Academy).  Let us further compare.


Certified Bowen Therapist Program

To be Level 1 certified – you must complete 374 hours of training in order to become certified by Bowtech, the American Bowen Academy.

Want to be a Bowen Practitioner with Bowtech in the United States? It takes a while…

To be a Practitioner – you must complete 500 hours of training in order to become certified by Bowtech, the American Bowen Academy.

In addition to all of that, Bowtech currently offers over fifty-six continuing education modules.  If that were not enough, Bowtech offers an additional nine optional modules.  All of these modules really add up.  The amount of time necessary to complete a program of this magnitude may take a person years to achieve; not to mention the total dollar amount comes to a stupendous amount of money.


Consider The Following:

  1. What if a student does not want to specialize only in Bowen therapy?
    Completing 374 hours and/or 500 hours to be a Bowtech Certified Bowen Therapist and/or Bowtech Practioner may not be appealing (desirable goal).
  2. What if a student/person wants to take some Bowen therapy classes and earn continuing education credit to satisfy their certificate/license requirement?
  3. What if a current massage therapist wants to extend their ability to work as a therapist and use a modality that is not as taxing; less physically demanding on the body?
  4. What if a person is busy with work, family, and life… and unable to attend all of the numerous classes offered by other Bowen therapy programs?
  5. What if a practitioner wants to add Bowen therapy to their already established tool box of modalities and be able to seamlessly offer it to their existing clientele; without committing to a lengthy and expensive program?
  6. What if a person/student has a limited budget?
  7. What if a person just wants to take one class of Bowen therapy to experience it and maybe help a friend and/or family member in need?
  8. What if a person starts taking Bowen therapy courses with another program, realizes they do not want (unable) to continue, and decides they want to start taking classes with NMB University?

Why not be able to think outside of the box?  Here at National Massage and Bodywork University (NMB University), we offer a more flexible approach.

NMB University offers two main options: Bowen Therapist (BT) Program and Certified Bowen Therapist (CBT) Program.  Each course takes place over a three day weekend.

After the successful completion of the courses, a certificate of completion will be given.  In addition, students will receive a Transcript with Continuing Education credit.  *Approved by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.

For comparison purposes, we offer two main Bowen therapy programs.

Bowen Therapist (BT) Program [22 Credit hours]

Successful completion of:

  • Bowen Therapy Level 1
  • Bowen Therapy Level 2

Certified Bowen Therapist (CBT) Program [22 Credit hours]

Successful completion of:

  • Bowen Therapy Level 1
  • Bowen Therapy Level 2
  • Document Completion and successful submission of 44 Bowen Therapy sessions

(Notably: You may work on the same individual person, no more than twice)

  • Bowen Therapy Level 3
  • Bowen Therapy Level 4

That is it.  It is that simple.  After completion of either the BT or more advanced CBT program, you can begin to implement Bowen therapy into your practice.

After this brief comparison, it is easy to see why our Bowen therapy training holds the most value for students.

  • We are nationally accredited through the NCBTMB*, and our program offers CE’s (credit hours) for each level of Bowen therapy training.
  • Our courses cost less and cover more material than many of our competitors.
  • We have the most comprehensive teaching materials with over 130 pages of step by step instructions, diagrams, illustrations, tables, and photos.
  • NMB University has an alumni-only section of our website dedicated to providing reference material, videos, diagrams and forums to support your success as a Bowen therapist.
  • Our lead instructor, Peter Fuller, Certified National Instructor and Practitioner, has over 11 years practicing Bowen therapy and 8 years as a Bowen therapy instructor.  The depth of knowledge and real world application he provides is what helps our students become successful.

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