Hear What Students Are Saying


Hear What Students Are Saying

These testimonials are from students who have completed the class recently.  If you have a testimonial to share please contact us directly

“Very Knowledgeable and Professional…”

I was very pleased with this class over all.  When I arrived, I really could not explain to people what Bowen is and now I can explain it with confidence in both my definition and the therapy itself.  Dr. Fuller was a very knowledgeable and professional teacher.  He explained the theory and techniques very well.

He was also very patient with the students when we needed him to repeat the directions or show us the moves/sequences again. I also really appreciated how he was able to observe our moves/sequences and help correct mistakes with instant feedback.

Stacia C.
Massage Therapy Student

“Very Detailed and Methodic…”

This course met my expectations exactly.  What one would expect from an introductory level course.  Very detailed and methodic instruction and class.  The most valuable thing was the wide breadth of knowledge and experience of the instructor/practitioner.  Well-rounded class.

Sergey Y.
Certified Massage Therapist

“Exceeded Expectations…”

This class exceeded my expectations.  Information and application was very well presented. I found all of the information to be valuable.

Rebekah F.
Massage Therapist

“Hands On Practice Approach…”

I loved this class.  I hope to incorporate this as a new modality in my practice.  The hands on collaborative atmosphere was awesome!  I also enjoyed working with (practicing) on other students in the class. Our instructor had excellent communication skills.

Trena C.